Our Bars

Our Bars

We have a selection of bars to choose from, with up to 80 meters of bar space. As an entertainment company we are in with the latest trends and we permanently upgrade and adjust our bars to suit keep things fresh and to personalize especially for our clients specific requests. We have a scopic variety and look forward to you scheduling a meeting with us.

At your event we supply a full bar service and set-up, whether it’s for thirty or thirty thousand guests. Our trained and eager service staff have been praised by our clients and are there to make your event a success. We will provide only the best team of trained barmen who will create fabulous cocktails, with finesse and charisma.

Types of Mobile Bar Services We offer:

The Full bar | The Cocktail Bar | The Cocktail Bar | The Gin Bar | Our Unlimited Cocktail Bar | Our Unlimited Gin Bar | The Cash Bar, Open Bar or Both | Beer, Wine and Cider Bar | The Virgin Bar (non alcoholic bar) | The Service Bar | The Dry Bar | The Wedding Bar | Licenced Bar Hire | Sponsored or Branded Bar Hire

Our Bar Menus

The Full Bar

Our full bar service includes but is not limited to; Bespoke bar unit, speed pourers, openers, ice buckets etc. All the necessary drinks, however you may want to include a cocktail or two to complete the experience.

Spirits: Brandy, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Wines, Beers; Local & imported Beers, Ciders, Soft drinks and Mixers.

Cognacs, Champagne and Sparkling wine on request.

You are billed on consignment at (cost + handling fee).
If the event is not sponsored, you are welcome to choose the brands we serve!

The Cocktail Bar

Our Cocktail Bars come with a full range of cocktail glasses and all the necessary Equipment and utensils to create the best Unique Cocktails, you may want to try our set cocktail menu or have one personalized and cocktails renamed and redesigned according to theme or occasion.

There is an option to choose a single cocktail as a welcome drink to start your guests experience off, or pay per cocktail, or choose an unlimited deal. We recommend a choice of 3 to 4 cocktails from our menu or to have our mixologist personalize the menu for your event.

The Gin Bar

We Have Assorted brands of Gins & Infused Craft gins, Tonics, fresh Herbs Fruits, syrups and ingredients our mixologist will recommend some Bespoke Gin cocktails.

Or your guests can interact and build their own gin drinks with ingredients provided. This is also offered as pay per drink or Unlimited option mentioned below.

Our Unlimited Cocktail Bar Or Unlimited Gin Bar

You may choose up to 4 types of cocktails from our menu and can be personalized to your liking, payment is per a head and is based on the number of guests attending your event, not on how many drinks they have.

This will help you to budget and will prevent unforeseen expenses. Additional costs may be incurred on the amount of time spent serving your guests and for breakages, if any occur.

The Cash Bar, Open Bar or Both

We are a Licenced Bar company!

Cash Bar, Cash Bar is when your guest pays per drink or bottle service on the night. We take cash and have card facilities available.

The Open bar, we estimate your usage, bill you in advance (Cost + handling Fee) we supply way more than the estimate and return all closed drinks at no cost to you. After the bar is reconciled, we either, credit you or invoice you the total due.

The option of BOTH. If you are on a budget, our suggestions are to open the bar on affordable products then on premium drinks and shooters we charge cash. We are here to make your event a memorable experience and work closely with our clients to ensure they receive exactly that, without breaking the bank.

Beer, Wine and Cider Bar

If you don’t want your guest to overindulge or there is a budget this may be the best option.

It includes local beer, Wines and Ciders, Soft drinks, Fresh Fruit juice and mixers.

This is based on consignment. Only pay for what you use or open, the balance of unopened drinks are returned to us at no cost to you.

Charge Cost + handling fee.

The Virgin Bar

Non-alcoholic Bar

Virgin Bars are suitable for any occasion, from religious celebrations, Team building and Work events to children’s parties, anniversaries and fun days. Where children and adults may all join in the fun!

It comes fully equipped to Create the Best unique Non-alcoholic cocktails /mocktails (smoothies and juice).

We stock water and soft drinks as an additional extra.

Prepare to be taken away by the combination of distinctive presentation and explosive flavour.

The Service Bar

We provide a bar at the back of the house/premises.

The bar is for waitrons to collect drinks and serve guests at there tables or lounges, guests don’t go to the bar.

The Dry Bar

Two options; Bar hire & or Fridge hire.

Bar Hire, glasses and Barmen provided. We don’t provide drinks or ice you will provide your own. Our barmen will arrive 1 hour before your event to familiarize himself / herself with your brands and get your drinks cold and ready to serve.

The Wedding Bar

Our bars can be set up anywhere from bars on a private beach to the middle of a game reserve, We have 4x4s you name the venue we can get there!

You can choose from Open or Cash bar or both. The Cocktail Bar is also an amazing option.

We recommend a personalize Cocktail or Cocktails that will be designed by our Mixologist, the menu can be personalized as well, with words like Love, Cherish or named After bride and groom.

Licenced Bar Hire

We are licenced Mobile Bar company, therefore you will not need to apply for a temp licence unless there are special requests needed eg longer trading hours (24hour) bar service. Please check with us that your area falls under our licences Our licences cover Richards bay through to uMgababa through to Ladysmith.

If our pop-up bar falls out of our licenced area we are happy to apply for the licence on your behalf.

Sponsored or Branded Bar Hire

Our bars can be branded to match any theme, from a tropical beach to New York sky bar. Any theme is do-able. Our in house graphics designer is always excited for your themes and branding.

We work closely with Top brands and do a lot of sponsored events where we ensure only their brands are served to perfection. Our bars are branded and our staff have product knowledge of the brands we are promoting. We do in-store promotions, events, and VIP lounges.

Contact us for an obligation free Quotation.